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What my clients say about working with me:


I was held in a beautiful space of love and acceptance with a wonderful sense of having room for whatever came up. There was no fear of being too much, which has been a constant in my life. Amanda's gift of compassion and strength unlocked some tightly held traumas, and immediately after the session I felt lighter and more free, like a flower that is just letting go of all of life that has kept it from blooming. My body physically manifested trauma release and I can feel the new softness and sensitivity, and it feels like only the start! I have been experiencing a much deeper relationship with my body. I have cried a lot, realizing just how much I have asked of her, not knowing how to nurture and care for her, then being annoyed and despised her when she manifested pain or asked for a break. The last week has been very intense with so many buried traumas coming out of hiding, and the embodiment exercises have been vital to my wellbeing. My vagina has been more sensitive as well, somedays almost anger, with a touch-me-not attitude. It's been a beautiful time of loving her and meeting her and making up for years of neglect and abuse and it's really amazing how gracious and loving she is, never against me or out to bring me down like I had always thought her to be. It really is a beautiful thing! ...There was so so much sorrow and grief, along with anger and a sense of being suppressed. Physically my body manifested through sounds and movement. It was an interesting experiment of being aware of your physical body amidst such intense emotions coming up. Due to being in a few embodiment sessions with Amanda previously I was able to not get swept up in the emotions of it only, but to feel physically my body was feeling. That was a wonderful, healing experience for me. The level of relaxation my body must have been in to allow itself to manifest so unhindered speaks wonders to how regulated Amanda's nervous system is and how mine mirrored hers in this session. It was certainly one of the most healing moments of my life.

-- Beth Hershberger, Business owner | Ohio, USA


Prior to working with Amanda I was on a journey to heal myself, but was putting off connecting with my yoni. When i realized that I had parts to heal, I joined her group container. Our group was so intimate and open to sharing personal struggles and wins, which was so special and made us feel connected. The container that Amanda held us in was beautiful, gentle, and soft. The practices guided us deeper in discovering different aspects of ourselves and our bodies. A releasing of emotions and embodying different archetypes helped us integrate these lessons. A module of "hands on and hands in" was so needed and a huge part of my healing, as I was never taught anything about my yoni/womb growing up. Now, I have a newfound appreciation for what my body is, how it works for me every day, and a new love for all my tissues, crevices, and sponges. I really appreciate that Amanda "walks her talk" as a teacher and a person and does not put herself on a pedestal. She is so full of wisdom, love, light, and a passion to heal in this world. I'm so grateful for the work she is doing.

If you're thinking of working with Amanda, say yes. Say yes, to the sticky, uncomfortable, unpleasant parts of yourself. Don't shove them down and cover them up, they are not bad. You are not bad but beautiful my love. Invite love, softness, and breath into yourself.....come home to your body. You deserve this. You deserve to learn and become intimate with yourself, for that is where your power and intuition lay as a feminine being."

-- Nikki Stapel | Montana, USA


Amanda has the gift of holding gentle space. She invited us into discovery, honesty and belonging. I felt a spaciousness to explore and process in ways I had not experienced before. It was a beautiful realization that I can access that spaciousness whenever I need to! So grateful.

I've been practicing curiousness rather than frustration as emotions come up and even move through my body. Instead of forcing a story around things that come up, I feel more free to allow it to tell me what it needs to tell me and then release it. I am able to honor myself with space and grace in ways that I was not able to before.

Amanda taught me a greater depth of kindness towards myself. She reminded me that I am my own safe place...a place of spaciousness, where I am never too much. Amanda holds firm, yet gentle space for each and every participant. I'm forever grateful for the opportunity of working with her.

You are worthy of investing in yourself in this way, do it!"

-- Christi Oberholzer, Business Cheerleader | South Carolina, USA

Image by Corey Collins

Prior to working with Amanda, I struggled with feeling less than a man. I struggled with chronic porn and masturbation routinely that I knew deep down wasn’t good for me but didn’t know how to stop. I had a major disconnect from my sexual energy and had no idea how to get it back.

My sessions with Amanda changed my life for the better. Not only have I stopped watching porn and masturbating, I’ve become the man I always wanted to be.

Amanda taught me how to reconnect with my masculine energy and use it as a force for positive and creative change within myself and the world.

Amanda is genuine, empathetic and I couldn’t have asked for a better mentor to guide me through this transformation. Men would benefit greatly from working one-on-one with her. Can’t recommend her enough.

-- CL, Business owner in accounting, Entrepreneur, and Fitness Enthusiast
San Diego, California, USA


Amanda is an expert in feminine embodiment, embodying your sexuality and finding freedom in your whole being. She takes you through the layers into the core of things.

I was stuck before working with Amanda, feeling disembodied, and being in my head, struggling with anxiety and mistrust in myself. I was wanting to go deeper with my healing, and wanting to do one-on-one work. I wanted to go farther and deeper for myself.
Now I feel more whole, sovereign, and embodied in who I am as a woman.

I definitely realize that there is so much more wisdom in my body than I realized and so many more answers than I realized. To be able to just keep going down that same trail until I found the reason behind my behaviors. That was very surprising for me, to keep getting answers at each level until I finally found something that was deeper (and probably not even the deepest) but so much deeper than the other levels I was at.I really have learned to trust myself. I can find those answers if I want to look for them and listen, and be present.

Now, I feel safe in my own skin, enough to communicate with people I love and be able to feel like I can communicate from a place that is very authentic and very myself.
Being able to understand and bring more clarity to seeing other perspectives in relationship has been really helpful for me. Relationships are so important to me.Now I am a lot less afraid and in my head. I know more of what I want and who I am. I feel more sovereign and embodied in myself and just whole as the woman that I am. I don’t know that I could imagine better things.

Our work together has been pulling all of these areas that I have been focused on individually and brought them together. It has resulted in more wholeness for me, and in my ability to see myself as a complete person. 
I have brought my love for embodiment, and femininity and I have learned to be free, be myself, and be
seen in that and find more healing. It was so fun to do it all in one place and for her to be able to see those different parts of me and speak to them. 
And she was so gracious and listening and present, and I’ve just felt so safe with her and it’s felt so good.
A session with Amanda is so different than any therapy session I’ve ever been in, anything that I’ve ever experienced before.

Every session went deep and felt so real and like exactly what needed to happen in that time. Getting to talk to Amanda felt very synchronistic, it was very fun how everything fell together. It was everything I was looking for! Every taste is so delicious.

-- Erin Lindblom, Non-Linear Movement MethodTM Instructor, Mother

Screen Shot 2021-05-24 at 3.04.51 PM.png

Before working with Amanda I struggled with feeling numb and feeling unclear on my true needs and desires.
For 9 years I waited for a breakthrough in my relationship with my husband, thinking it was my husband who needed to be fixed.
But it was me not listening to my heart and Wombspace for years, that was my true longing!
I had “head-knowledge” about sacred sexuality but I didn’t know how to make it happen or how to practice it, or embody it.
In working with Amanda, I have connected my head-knowledge with my hearts needs and my wombspace, my desire.
Amanda’s expertise helped me wholly come home to myself! No longer numb, I now value how I feel, how I see, how I walk! 
For the very first time, my husband and I have had spontaneous love making.
Through working with Amanda, I feel I have finally cracked the code to embodying my sacred sexuality and it’s that my sensuality is my power.

-- Felicita Rajakumari, India


"Amanda was key in my healing and personal growth journey. Like WOW. The progress we would make in one session, much less our 10 months together, has been life changing!

Without her, and the sacred space she holds, I'd still be experiencing perfectionist tendencies, unhealed feminine and masculine wounds, and massive self doubt. I’ve not only healed from past trauma and worked on healing “little Julia”, but I’ve healed current and future Julia in the process.

Amanda doesn’t just go backwards, she focuses on the now and the amazing potential and wholeness inside of you today. Now I’m able to pursue dreams I never would have had the confidence to pursue. I’m able to have a deeper connection with myself and my husband. I’m able to give myself love, pleasure and affirmation without a second thought.

Honestly, if you’re done feeling stuck, or struggling with basically ANYTHING (seriously there isn't a topic we haven’t addressed or worked through) - you need to hire and partner with Amanda."

-- Julia Griffin, Life Coach and Podcast Hostess, California


"I love Amanda and her energy. She's so genuine. I felt it was time for us to work together and I'm so glad we did.

She's genuine, down to earth, loving and kind. She will help you access parts of yourself that you didn't know you could. Show up prepared to heal and meet yourself fully.

I love how sacred and safe I felt with her. I felt such calming energy from Amanda and felt safe to show up for myself. I love the way she is able to hold space for me and guide me, as though I was physically in the room with her.

I'm so grateful and appreciative of our time together."

--Kelsi, writer | photographer


If you’re ready to experience awareness and wholeness in your life, Amanda is your woman! After getting deeply frustrated with loneliness, rejection and feelings of “not enough”, Amanda helped me re-structure my story and become aware of my patterns.  She gave me tools to cope and to overcome! I feel stronger and sexier.  No longer experiencing shame and defeat.  If you’re ready to experience the freedom and radiance of JOY and longing to embody more completeness in life, book with Amanda today. I am very grateful for Amanda and I may not always look forward to sessions, only because I have to dive deep inside and dig out some hurt, but I always come out with peace and better understanding of myself.


"Amanda's mentorship created an amazing safe space that allowed me to be fully present.  She sets an environment for presence and belonging, and shows you how to do the same to allow every part of you to belong.  Our joy, our pain, our fears -- all has its space and is allowed.  Creating this safety leaves room to process through it all and sit with things that I otherwise would run from, try to numb away or avoid.  I highly recommend Amanda, she will gently push you when needed or just hold space, and she is intuitive to know when each is needed."

-- Jennifer Curtis

(Michigan, USA)


"This is a whole other level. So intuition/Spirit/body led.
I feel more embodied. Confident. Creative. Alive. Loved. At rest. And ready for my life's purpose after every single session. I can't imagine how on fire and free I'm going to feel at the end of this."

Erin Lindblom, Non-Linear Movement MethodTM Instructor


"The space you hold, and the safety you provided me allowed me to move out of a chronic (unconscious) state of fawning! I have moved from not being able to identify my feelings, and avoiding feeling my emotions to attempt to appease the person in front of me to not just feeling my emotions, but being able to get clear on and connect to my desires.

I can now express my desires and emotions no matter what they are, without judgement, whether they're big or small.

I manifested the perfect job in 2020 during a time when things were so hard in my life.

Now I live in flow and alignment in my life that ripples out to anyone and anyone I talk to — I can’t not share how this job manifested from desire.

I feel like I've stepped into a whole other level of being, now able to be in my masculine and still be in my feminine.

I haven't been this happy in three years. And even then, I was not as happy as I am now. Amanda, you have been such a huge part of that.

I don’t have just a “thank you” for you…it's a full expression of gratitude and appreciation.

I don't know that I would have gotten here to this space without you, without all the things I've been sourcing from, THANK YOU.”

-- Alexa L., Native Hawaiian Program Manager at Maui Nui Botanical Gardens and Freelance Graphic Designer (Maui, USA)


"Working with Amanda has been such a transformative experience. She walked me through a process of surrender during a difficult time in my life where I felt stuck and helpless.
By coaching me and helping me to walk all the way through the emotions and pain that I felt, she created space for me to come face to face with my greatest fears without running away. In that space, the chaos all melted away, and I reclaimed my life through surrendered strength.
Amanda continued to give me the tools and resources that empowered me to heal and grow. Working with Amanda has been one of the most powerful experiences that I've personally had in trauma therapy. Highly effective!"

-- Meg Delagrange, fine artist, CoFounder of Urban Southern®


"Amanda has been such a beautiful mentor to me. She holds the space for me so well and I feel extremely safe with her. She is there for me whenever I need her with real practical tips to get out of my head and into my body. Amanda is so gifted and you would be blessed to have her as a mentor."

-- Haley Maness, Founder and Herbalist: Roots & Leaves


"I had my first call with Amanda after purchasing an intuitive oil blend from her.  I wasn’t sure what to expect from that first talk as we’d only interacted on social media prior to our conversation. Her kindness put me at ease immediately. It made me comfortable opening up and sharing something that only a few of my closest loved ones knew about. I felt more seen and heard than ever before. I was thrilled to make these calls a regular occurrence.

Amanda exudes a warmth that makes me feel safe. She radiates love. She uses her intuition in ways that help me go deeper and help me put together puzzle pieces so that parts of me that once felt chaotic take on new meaning and understanding.

Amanda has taught me how to better sit with and honor my emotions and myself. I’m learning to trust myself more with every session. I’m able to connect with myself deeper and listen to my inner voice, strengthening my relationship with myself in the process. As a person who has struggled with severe depression and anxiety, these are invaluable tools that are enhancing the quality of my life the more I practice them.

I am so grateful for the opportunity to work with Amanda and learn from her. Her presence is a safe place to be vulnerable and her guidance empowers me to believe in my worth."

--Alura Adams, Young Living Distributor


I was surprised at how deep we were able to go in the first session and how much breakthrough I got in that first hour. It made me realize how beneficial more sessions would be to my mental, emotional, and spiritual health.

I was nervous about being exposed and “naked” about my flaws, fears and vulnerabilities. But Amanda creates such a safe space to explore your inner world, and I always left feeling more empowered and seen.

It is so much better than therapy! I feel like my experience with traditional therapy focuses on lack or what’s wrong with you, and this is like an hour long celebration of who you are. It makes me feel whole and seen and I always leave feeling encouraged and inspired.

I have been able to explore my softness and what brings me pleasure. I’ve been able to embrace more of who I am and release shame.

The meditations and breathing practices are my favorite thing! She is so in tune and has a way of bringing you to a deep, beautiful place within yourself so quickly! I love the practices we do and have found a lot of breakthrough in them.

Amanda has such a precious soul and holds space for ALL of you. The messy, the ugly, the unsure, the scary. And she never seems ruffled by any of it. It’s beautiful having your darkest, scariest places exposed and being met with total love and acceptance.

This is such an important, vital part of feminine wholeness and growth. If you’re stuck in any area, or just want more growth and abundance, this is for you. Amanda’s practice is essential, and I make the time and finances so that I can keep doing it!

-- Julia Griffin, Nutritionist


"That call completely shifted my entire demeanor. I can't even tell you. This is the first time in weeks that I've actually felt like myself. There's no undercurrent of anger, no hopelessness, nothing. Thank you so much for that gift. Thank you so much for the container and bearing witness.

I want to say that even the energy attached to the things I was worried about is gone, but part of me is like, " that too good though?" But I'm actually in a space where I can observe that without judgement now. Which I wasn't before.

I've been internally punishing and berating myself for a while now. But. Your. CALL.

I wrote in my (journal) about wanting to be kinder, more gracious, and loving. And your call brought me back to that."

-- Alexa L., Freelance Graphic Designer, 34 (HI, USA)

"I like how you make me feel seen and heard, but you also lead me back to myself and put an emphasis on that. In our (session,) you gave me practical tools that were easy and didn’t overwhelm me. You’re different than a therapist in that your work is rooted more in spirituality and wholeness with a better ability to see and hear me. You’re different from other spiritual mentors because it feels like extra softness and love flow from you. You are extremely sincere.  You exude a warmth that makes me feel safe. and your vulnerability has truly inspired me.  Also, you dig deep and you’re very intentional.  Like I said early, you exude warmth."

- Renee

"Amanda's sessions are gentle, calm, and safe. Amanda is never intimidating. You won't feel silly or dumb by being completely vulnerable with whatever you are working through. In my sessions with Amanda, I always get tools that will help me in the future when I feel stuck or triggered. I highly recommend her sessions! "

- Meg

"What makes you different from other professionals I have worked with is that you really embody the spirit

and the feminine and are “holistic” in your approach.

Trust is a huge part of transformation work. You are genuine and have strong boundaries and show up fully and unapologetically as yourself. I admire that. It inspires trust in me."

- J


Open and surrender to bliss...

What the world needs now is Love, pleasure, joy, bliss, the ability to hold both the shadow and the light and to allow it to all belong. To be able to FEEL, cry and laugh, mourn, and radiate with glittery swirls of pure enjoyment.

If this is what you need too, take this guidebook as your little notebook of tips on how to embody all of this.

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