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Soft Like Honey
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"I literally told her I hated her."

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Words from Jennifer Lazos, Founder of Brazen Boudoir and award winning photographer

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Like no joke. "I hate you, but I love you so much."

I said it while I was crying, and we hugged during the middle of her session. I promise you I've cried every time we work together. Every time she teaches me something about myself, hear me, and validates my thoughts and feelings, and gives me amazing ways to learn, heal, and rebalance myself.


I told her I have control issues. She said, "No." I have fear.


And I do.

Fear of trusting others. For of trusting myself. Fear of trusting the decision to trust others. Fear all born out of hurt, disappointments over and over, things not working out how we/I had planned or hoped. Fear of losing that control I feel I need to have.

Any of this sound familiar in your life?

Sometimes we have to learn to let go. To understand that not everything will be in our control. That sometimes just *trusting* the process is enough.

Amanda is an amazing human. She works with women to heal our traumas, work through our sexual issues, and to help us become happy, healthy, healed versions of ourselves. (In not so many words, she could explain this FAR better than I can!) She has a wonderful apothecary full of teas, soaks, and products created with purpose and intention.  (I've had her amazing cacao blend and a tea she made for me specifically and LOVED them.)"


Meet Amanda

  • Intuitive Feminine Alchemist & Embodiment Facilitator

  • Certified Integrative Somatic Trauma Therapy Practitioner

  • Certified Breathworker and Meditation Facilitator

  • Rewilded Birth™ Birthkeeper (DONA Certified Doula)

  • Creatress of WombTerrain™

  • Creatress of Wombspace™ and Deep Womb™

  • Founder/Herbal Alchemist at The Soulful Apothecary (relaunch coming soon)

  • Skinny Dipper


"I have been experiencing a much deeper relationship with my body."

"I was held in a beautiful space of love and acceptance with a wonderful sense of having room for whatever came up. There was no fear of being too much, which has been a constant in my life. Amanda's gift of compassion and strength unlocked some tightly held traumas, and immediately after (our time together) I felt lighter and more free, like a flower that is just letting go of all of life that has kept it from blooming. My body physically manifested trauma release and I can feel the new softness and sensitivity, and it feels like only the start!"

-- Beth, testimonial from The Embodied Womb Retreat (4/8-11, 2022) Photo by Amanda Rose with Embodied Boudoir


If you're ready to heal the way you see yourself and your sexuality, check out my group coaching container


Embodied Boudoir

Amanda is a budding photographer, and her intention behind Embodied Boudoir is to help you SEE what it looks like when you are connected to your radical sexuality in a an embodied way.

The photos featured on this page are Amandas photos.


Are you ready to embody your authentic sexuality?

Book a chat with Amanda to discuss ways she can support you in this desire!

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