When you chronically settle for less than what you desire from a man...

Do you chronically settle for less? Find yourself with crumbs when you know you're worthy of a feast?

Here are some steps towards opening yourself up for the abundance that is waiting for you, and how to evoke that deep healthy masculine in someone else...how to stop settling for emotional unavailability or avoidance:

Explore all the ways you want for the Divine Masculine to be embodied in a man and give that to yourself first...then you will not tolerate less than that.

See yourself.

Love yourself.

Be present with yourself.

Be trustworthy to yourself.

Stay in integrity within yourself and with your core beliefs.

Cherish yourself.

Hold space for how you feel, and learn to listen to your heart speaking, without getting swept away by the drama of the situation.

Feel deeper into your true heart, as you would want the ideal man to.

Don’t let yourself get away with playing down what you’re experiencing.

Do you wish he would gently press you for intimate details because he genuinely cares about what you’re feeling or going through? Practice this with yourself first through journaling or inner dialogue, and/or with your personal mentor.

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Be the protector of your heart. Set clear boundaries. The fearless warrioress that takes no BS.