My Yoni Steaming Journey

I have been Yoni Steaming for a couple of years, but have not been able to maintain a regular practice and program as I have wanted to.

I started out my yoni steaming journey by visiting The Goddess Project in Gainesville, which I hiiiiiiighly recommend if you're a first time steamer and you live anywhere within a couple of hours from Gainesville (or if you are a pro steamer and you'd love a spa steam experience.)

I now not only steam regularly at their spa, but you can also purchase my handcrafted Herbal Yoni Steam Blends in their boutique.

I was driving half an hour into Gainesville to the spa, or squatting over an antique chamber pot in my home whenever I steamed....

.....UNTIL I bought a Yoni Steam Spa from Kitara.

Kitara's handmade in Maine, by women, Yoni Steaming Sauna Boxes are the perfect solution for at-home steaming. I fell in love with it the minute I unboxed it. It smells like birch and cedar wood, with a touch of tung oil. When I put my burner inside to heat my pot of herbs, the heat warms the wood, and the combination of the herbs and wood smell fill my apothecary room with their aroma.Since being able to steam in my own home, I have been able to use a personalized protocol that I designed for myself based on my unique fertility needs. I have a steaming schedule for after I finish my bleed, during my follicular season, at the height of ovulation, and during my luteal phase as I prepare for my bleed. I noticed a difference in my bleed right away. Brighter, fresher blood and ZERO cramps became not just normal for me, but something I looked forward to every single bleed.

Not only has it been great for my bleeds and a wonderful way to support my menstruation, but it's one of my favorite ways to relax, soften, and open. Wether it's before something that may be stressful or intense, or wether it's before self pleasure, or wether it's simply because I want to connect to my Womb Wisdom more deeply (I steamed during my Doula training) the gentle warmth and moist heat directly on the vulva, perineum and even anus instantly relaxes me as if it were penetrating my very core. We hold a lot of tension in our lower body and steaming is a beautiful way to help soften those muscles and help you to release that tension, and unclench your muscles.

For example, after a stressful drive in traffic, a quick yoni steam helps my glutes release, and brings that soft juiciness to my yoni, putting that swing back in my hips.

I tend towards being cold in my lower extremities, which is a sign of a cold womb and limited circulation. Yoni Steaming has helped bring warmth back into my wombspace, with the healing herbal steam, and has also helped to increase blood flow. I have noticed a huge difference in my internal and external temperature since starting my yoni steaming at home.

It's a practice I not only intend to continue long term, but something I love talking about and recommending to my clients and friends. I have seen such amazing results from it that I will soon be a certified peristeam hydrotherapist. I am excited about the thought of hosting retreats where women can have a yoni steaming session on site.