My purpose demands that I guard my energy and my aura vigilantly.

And I'm not talking about hyper-vigilance.

I am talking about getting more clear on my energy and my boundaries—as in, where the bounds of my energy lie. And making them more defined.

It’s kind of like strengthening your aura, is how I am seeing it.

I see so many posts and hear so many stories from women in my mentorships saying how drained they are. And how they need a break. And talk of the emotional cost they’re experiencing right now, especially with being engaged on social media or plugged into the news and the MSM. Notice how well these manipulate our emotions!

They DO take an energetic and emotional toll on us. I have a lower tolerance than ever for these energy vortexes that want to suck my energy.

This isn’t coincidental that during a time when we need to be alert and aware, “sober and vigilant” to pull a Bible quote, we are being sucked of our energy and ability to discern by all of these little vortexes that are popping up everywhere, screaming for our attention. We’re so distracted, we can’t even see what’s real here. Our ability to see beyond sight easily becomes clouded when we engage energetically with these vortexes and energy vampires.

The emotions that arise, the undulations it causes in the all is making a demand of us.

How can you hear the voice within if you’re so bombarded with voices from without? How can you know if you’re sharing what is genuinely yours or if you’re just regurgitating half chewed versions of what others around you are saying? How can you see that next right step for you, or zoom out to see what’s happening in the spirit realm beyond the chaos and the distractions?

Your purpose demands of you that you guard your aura vigilantly.

Unhooking, emptying out, unfollowing & muting people, being selective with what news sources you rely on and when you tune into them — none of this means that you’re failing or incapable of holding space.

I don’t see this as being low tolerance for the “other” but rather you getting more definition and taking less BS, demanding a higher frequency from the things you surround yourself with. It’s like an upgrade more than som