Luteal Phase and Feminine Rage

This moon reminds us that every month the shadow must inevitably fall across our lives. There is a time to let go, to mourn, and let the old pass away. A time to rest and to let be, to allow our souls to B R E A T H E. As the light of the moon fades, we are asked to call upon our senses beyond sight. Taste, touch, smell, hear -- to FEEL what is happening inside our bodies and come home to ourselves. To partner with this moon phase, we begin to turn inward, to tune into our felt senses and anchor ourselves in our body.

With gratitude and surrender, we let God work out the details as we focus on gathering ourselves home through the senses for the shedding that is about to happen.

It's also a time of harvesting and reaping what we have sown. As we begin to turn inward we can take stock of how the past few weeks have been for us, and review our lives with compassion and gentleness, fiercely calling ourselves into account for our greatness.

This moon is reflective of the autumn season, and also of the woman's luteal phase in her fertility cycle.

Flowing freely is the theme of the upcoming season until the Dark Moon. To prepare our bodies to bleed and release the old, we practice relaxing into the soft, wild, feminine body.

You may notice that you begin to "nest" during this time, and want to stay indoors, or stay at home and get your affairs in order.

For me, I usually want to rearrange my furnitue in my home during this phase! I suddenly want to bake, or cook slow simmered meals with lots of herbs and broth. I burn a lot of Palo Santo during this phase, and tend overly much to my plant babies. I also can become very critical of my wardrobe during this time, as I am keenly and acutely aware of comfort and ease and what fits well and what doesn't. Feeling comfortable in my clothing is always of utmost importance to me during this phase and moon season.