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Amanda Rose

Sacred sensual and sexual healing  for the spiritual woman

4 Week Group Program

Not For The Faint Of Heart

We are going to dive right in and go deep. Please be prepared to confront and alchemize whatever may arise for you as we enter into the sacred portal of your yoni and wombspace for the purpose of CONNECTION, HEALING, and PLEASURE.

I believe that YOU hold the healing you need. Any trauma symptoms you are experiencing, any lack of sexual pleasure, any sexual limits...I believe the key all of these is in the body.

Not all aspects of this program are sexual in nature.

You are not required to touch yourself in a sexual manner during this program. You WILL be required to touch yourself in a way that HEALS, TRANSFORMS, CONNECTS, REPAIRS, and RESTORES.

You WILL be guided and directed INTO YOUR BODY.

If you are not ready for this, then this is not the program for you. I recommend my group mentorship container, Wombspace as a gateway to this program.

This program complements the work I do in person, and my upcoming program DEEP WOMB ACADEMY which this program is basically a mini spin-off of, with extra gushing added in 💦 💦


If you have any doubts about your preparedness for this program, please book a consult with me to chat about it in detail. Email me to schedule:

I do not want you in this program if it would be detrimental for you.

If you feel you are well equipped, and just need some extra support for what arises, and you are ready to GO THERE when it does, I HIGHLY recommend adding the 1:1 coaching upgrade.

What we will cover:

De-armoring and unlocking access to deeper pleasure and enhancing your sensitivity, while calming hypersensitivity, and/or restoring sensation due to trauma. Release trauma from miscarriage, abortion, infertility, PMS, cancer, abuse, unfulfilled sexual desire

... and more.

Diving into the anatomy of your Wombspace and Yoni, including names and terms, AND their origins. Learn to call your body by her name, and become intimately acquainted with the ins and outs of  YOUR body so that you are TRULY the expert on YOU.

How to find safety in the body to anchor into when sexual shame or triggers arise. How to create a safe and sensual atmosphere for peak sensual experience. How to create a sensory haven in your home.

Step by step self yoni massage, and bringing energy and breath into the wombspace. Breathwork for sexual healing, fertility, menstruation, and restoration.

Yoni gazing and seeing ourselves through the soft lens of self acceptance. See yourself with new eyes, and learn to see your unique beauty.

How to release Amrita through gushing/squirting, and other pleasure practices and techniques for both solo play and partnered pleasure.

Types of orgasm, and how to explore your body on your terms, and reclaim ownership of her. Meet Cervix and develop a relationship with her and the voice of your wombspace/yoni.

How to navigate conversation with your partner around desire, needs, and all things sex.

How to introduce the idea or concept of you exploring your body for you (if you do not yet have this arrangement and you desire to explore your body on your own.)

The basics of feminine receivership and surrender, and how to open as Love to receive and embody your desire as a spiritual woman connected to God AND herself.

How to begin your freedom from "sex toy buzzkill" AKA when you rely on sex toys to experience orgasm or satisfactory pleasure.

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"Through working with Amanda, I feel I have finally cracked the code to embodying my sacred sexuality and it’s that my sensuality is my power."

-- Felicita, India

The Details

  • 4 LIVE 2+ hour group practice & teaching calls

Calls will be from 2 to 3 hours depending on what pace the group needs for any particular practice/teaching night.

Please schedule accordingly.

You will be expected to have your camera ON for teaching and practice purposes, just as if you were attending in person. You will need to be able to be undisturbed as much as possible for our calls, and you will need to be able to move around and make noise freely without worrying about being inhibited by the thought of what someone else may think if they hear your cry, laugh, or play music. All calls will be recorded and you get to keep the recordings for your personal library. Please make sure to download them, in the event I should ever switch host platforms.

LIVE group practice calls:

Saturday, April 23rd 8-11pm EST

Saturday, April 30th 8-11pm EST

Saturday, May 7th 8-11pm EST

Saturday, May 14th 8-11pm EST

  • 2 LIVE 90 minute integration calls with open Q&A 

You will be expected to have your camera ON, just as if you were attending in person. You will need to be able to sit or lay, or move around freely, for the integration portion of the call. All calls will be recorded.

LIVE integration calls:

Wednesday, May 4th 2-3:30pm EST

Wednesday, May 18th 2-3:30pm EST

  • Community group OFF of Facebook

  • Meditations and supplements, PDFs, etc. for you to download and keep

  • total of over 10+ hours LIVE time with Amanda (value of over $7500+)

The Exchange

  • All 1:1 clients can attend this program for FREE 💦 

Must be currently meeting with me, with calls scheduled on the calendar BEFORE enrollment opens.

Email me for access.

  • All attendees of my upcoming in-person Embodied Womb retreat April 8-11th can access this program for FREE 💦 

Email me for access.

This program is priced at a steep discount in exchange for testimonials, by joining this program you agree to contributing an honest testimonial of the life changing experience you had during the course of the program.

Program Bundle

If you enroll in either Deep Womb Academy, or Wombspace (group mentorship container) following this program, you can use the price you paid for Amrita as a discount on the cost of enrollment.

Ready To Get Wet?

I Am Ready! 💦 

  • 4 LIVE 3 hour group practice & teaching calls & recordings for life

  • 2 LIVE 90 minute integration calls with open Q&A 

  • Community group OFF of Facebook

  • Meditations and supplements, PDFs, etc. for you to download and keep

$1,111.00 USD


"Working with Amanda has changed the way I see my sexuality. I have been able to explore my softness and what brings me pleasure. I’ve been able to embrace more of who I am and release shame. She is so in tune and has a way of bringing you to a deep, beautiful place within yourself so quickly!"

-- Julia, USA

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