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Are You Ready to Remember Yourself?

This virtual space is a sanctuary for your soul where you will find direction back to your feminine radiance, self-sovereignty, sacred sexuality, and inner high priestess. Soft, sensual, powerful, radiant, sexually vibrant, strong, confident, and taking up space. All of this is yours, and always accessible. And not just in the moments of aligned bliss. In the moments that truly matter, when you're facing failure, when you're faced with a life changing decision, when you're tempted to hold back your shine and dim your spark, when you feel that the fullness of who you are isn't welcome or embraced.

I'm here to help you shift away from striving, performing, hustling, running on emotional auto-pilot and towards spaciousness, ease, calm, and reverence. Supporting you to create a meaningful life of ritual, dance, integrated wholeness and deep worthiness.

To inspire you to reclaim your birthright to pleasure, confidence and power. To find wonder in your beauty and unique expression of self. To provoke you to joy even in the midst of crappy situations, reminding you that it doesn't have to suck to be healing.

Soft, sensual, powerful, radiant, strong, confident, and taking up space.

All of this is yours. And the key is within you.

I am a soulful woman, yet a wild one.

With Love,

The Queen of The Outsiders


"I was held in a beautiful space of love and acceptance with a wonderful sense of having room for whatever came up. There was no fear of being too much, which has been a constant in my life. Amanda's gift of compassion and strength unlocked some tightly held traumas, and immediately after (our time together) I felt lighter and more free, like a flower that is just letting go of all of life that has kept it from blooming. My body physically manifested trauma release and I can feel the new softness and sensitivity, and it feels like only the start!"

-- Beth Hershberger

Image by Anna Bratiychuk

At 12 years of age, my family uprooted and drove down through Central America and replanted in Honduras. While living there, we were sucked deep into a religious cult (based out of the USA) and I was subjected to rigorous religious brainwashing. Psychological, spiritual, physical, and emotional abuse...I know it all too well. I was sunk into a dark well of patriarchal purity culture and oppressive submission dogma to put it mildly.


My adolescent experiences in Central America and in the religious cult spun the narrative that women were not to be trusted, especially with men or in relationships. A woman's body was dangerous at best and property at worst. The heart was deceitful, and discernment was logical and analytical.

The harsh environment of a third world culture surrounded in lush tropical paradise was a contrast that was difficult to grapple with. And in many ways it reflected my inner realm.​ I threw myself into working at a remote clinic and quickly came face to face with what starvation and lack of honor for the feminine spirit can do, and later I got into sailing and competing internationally. I built up strength mentally and physically, as a way to armor my heart and body, and shield myself.

It became very difficult for me to express or access my feminine energy, or even my emotions. I would stand in the shower for long periods of time with cold water hitting my face, in hopes I could access some emotion and cry. It wasn't until I learned that my "okayness" was a form of self protection to guard my sensitive soul and heart that I began to alchemize everything I carried. Out of sheer willingness to survive, I finally let my armor crack open, and chose to let myself FEEL.

I cried years worth of pent up tears in a crazy short amount of time. I went from being called "La Gringa Sarjenta" (The Sergeant "Gringa") to being able to cry at the touch of a breeze on my skin. As I softened, I became insatiably hungry for more. More freedom, more softness, more heart and soul, more spiritual aliveness.

Eventually finding my way to syncing my life to my female cycle, somatic trauma resolution, herbal medicine, and erotic embodiment.

Which was only the beginning...


Now, I have an international clientele, and I am bringing my core values of ease, presence, and embodiment to my work as I expand my offerings and deepen my own practice.

You may not be coming out of a literal jungle, or cult, but I know what it's like to feel like life is a mess, and to be out of touch with your healthy masculine and feminine energies. I know what it's like to feel like a stranger in your body, and to feel that your wombspace is anything but a home.

And now I know how to live softly, deeply widened and opened to God through pleasure and presence. I haven't lost my grit, but my edges have been rounded.

Let me be your cheerleader, your big sister, your mentor, and your guide and I promise you I will take you on more than just a little magic carpet ride.

"Don't try to domesticate a wild woman.

Domestication is to a woman what castration is to a man."

--Amanda Rose


"I literally told her I hated her."

Screen Shot 2022-04-16 at 4.39.56 PM.png

Words from Jennifer Lazos, Founder of Brazen Boudoir and award winning photographer


Like no joke. "I hate you, but I love you so much."

I said it while I was crying, and we hugged during the middle of her session. I promise you I've cried every time we work together. Every time she teaches me something about myself, hear me, and validates my thoughts and feelings, and gives me amazing ways to learn, heal, and rebalance myself.


I told her I have control issues. She said, "No." I have fear.


And I do.

Fear of trusting others. For of trusting myself. Fear of trusting the decision to trust others. Fear all born out of hurt, disappointments over and over, things not working out how we/I had planned or hoped. Fear of losing that control I feel I need to have.

Any of this sound familiar in your life?

Sometimes we have to learn to let go. To understand that not everything will be in our control. That sometimes just *trusting* the process is enough.

Amanda is an amazing human. She works with women to heal our traumas, work through our sexual issues, and to help us become happy, healthy, healed versions of ourselves. In not so many words, she could explain this FAR better than I can!

Official Bio

Feminine Embodiment Mentor & Womb Whisperer

Amanda creates, provides, and facilitates, energetically charged spaces that act as catalysts and guide women towards a deeper state of connection to their sexuality and womb while eradicating generational shame and trauma from the body, soul, and spirit.

Amanda is creating a new paradigm and legacy for generations to come on a global scale, guiding men and women back to their source of authority, wisdom, and power: the body.

Her unique and avant garde combination of expertise and intuitive guidance has helped both men and women to alchemize their trauma, prosper, and flourish.

Helping high achieving men and women forge a new and radical legacy for their bloodline.


She is the founder and herbal alchemist of The Soulful Apothecary, and the creator of The WombTerrain™ Immersive Experience. She is a certified Integrative Somatic Trauma Therapy Practitioner, The founder of Rewilded Birth™ and a DONA Certified Birth Doula, Soma Mystica™ Certified Practitioner, The Self Holding Method™ Practitioner, Certified Breathworker and Meditation Facilitator, and Certified Peristeam Hydrotherapist.

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"Who I am is still aborning. All I know is that I'm very friendly but not quite tame."
-- Clarissa Pinkola Estes

I was one of those "horse crazy" girls growing up, and I read every book and novel about horses that I could get my hands on. I was convinced that I was born to be a horse woman and a stallion tamer. At 10 years old I purchased a young filly, half Thoroughbred/half Arabian, and I had my rear handed to me time and time again as I tried to gentle her. She was truly my spirit animal.

It broke my heart when we had to sell her so we could move to Central America, and I've dreamed of owning another horse ever since.