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Welcome, Darling

Amanda Arlene Rose

Image by Alyssa Hurley

Feminine Embodiment Mentor & Womb Holder

I create energetically charged spaces that usher women towards a deeper state of connection to their sexuality and wombspace, while eradicating generational shame and trauma from the body, soul, and spirit. Helping women forge a new and radical legacy for their bloodline.

You didn't come this far to be tame


You didn't live what you have lived to show up as a tidy, neat, politically correct, domesticated, bite-sized, meek, and delicate soul.


You are a ship builder. You are a wave maker. You are a torch bearer. You are messy, you are wild, you are passionate.


I am here for the women who are tired of conforming. I am here for the women who know that bursting out of cocoons isn't an instant process, that know that rebirth is messy, that healing isn't linear and doesn't conform to timelines.

I'm here for the women who understand that you can't walk on eggshells, say, "pretty please"and expect to see our wildest dreams fulfilled. I am here for the wild ones. 


"I got to meet myself on such a deep and intimate level. I learned to love myself in new ways. I opened back up and in doing so, my relationship with my partner is also thriving."

"I got to meet myself on such a deep and intimate level. I opened back up and in doing so, my relationship with my partner is also thriving. I have felt like I have to be strong and do it on my own, or I’m the one who is leading. I learned that it's okay to be soft, vulnerable, held, heard, validated, and supported. I also felt like this program stood out from anything else I've done because it was experimental. hands-on. Life now is amazing. I know how to hold myself and create safety within myself; self regulation."

Sarahly Avilez, Divine Feminine & Sensuality Mentor, Circle Facilitator, Akashic Records Oracle, & SAHM 


New Episode • New Episode • New Episode • New Episode • New Episode

Olivia Seline: The Podcast

Join Olivia Seline and I on her podcast, as we demystify and debunk the realm of the "Divine Feminine" and "Divine Masculine" energies.

We tall about how they play out in our daily lived experiences, and in our relationship dynamics. We fell that we tend to overcomplicate and over-excavate these energies and their meanings in today's world, so we decided to peel back the layers and SIMPLIFY IT. We hope to give you more levity, more permission, more fluidity, and more personalization through our conversation and the viewpoints we share here in our usual candid style of conversation. We also touch on manipulation and control in the coaching industry and the tendency for coaches to ask women in particular to out-source their power in the name of "feminine surrender."

The episode begins with an introduction from Olivia, and the conversation with me begins at 18 minutes in.

Image by Alyssa Hurley

Pour yourself a mug of steaming cacao (or a glass of Prosecco)


Let ME WRITE YOU Love Letters

Image by Jack Nelson

"Amanda is a woman who has fiercely chosen her own wholeness and sovereignty and is now a knowing guide for others on the path. She will mirror for you self-love, compassion, beauty and resilience."

Morgan Day Cecil
Creator of the Feminine Wholeness Method ™️


Turn off emotional



Get ready to feel radiant and connected to your body -- while honoring your spiritual design.


Here are 5 potent tips you can implement today.

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